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Sports Uniform

Sports Uniforms with custom designs, printing, embroidery, private labels.

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Sports Wear

Sportswear with custom designs, printing, embroidery, private labels.

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Custom Jackets

Design your dream jacket. From classic to cool, customize your style.

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Elevate your everyday with a premium custom bag made with high-quality materials.

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High-Quality Sportswear Manufacturer Providing Top Notch at Your Ease

Skills, passion, and dedication can make your sportsperson, or professional athlete, better. But a high-quality sports clothing line can take you to the next level.

As leading manufacturers of custom basketball uniforms, custom football uniforms, custom baseball uniforms, custom Ice hokey uniforms, custom soccer uniforms and more apparel, we can cater to every sports clothing brand and athletes’ clubs and teams by providing them with the perfect combination of athlete and sports uniform production. Our sports clothing production is the only missing element you need to be a successful fitness and sports clothing brand in the industry.

Strage Clothing is a popular professional sports apparel manufacturing company in the industry. We provide top-notch services to startup and medium-sized clothing brands by assisting them in creating their own sportswear clothing line. 

Whether you’re looking to develop a fitness clothing line, manufacture sports jerseys, produce custom hoodies, design custom jogger pants, create custom leggings, tailor custom shorts, craft custom tank tops, or assemble custom track suits, rest assured that you’ll receive unparalleled quality manufacturing with us.


Submit your designs, and we will handle the rest. Our team will provide you with a price estimate for the custom Sports clothing from Pakistan you require

clothing manucturer in pakistan


Once you submit your design our design team will start working on design evaluation. Even if you are not into customizing your own designs, our team of expert designers absolutely got you covered. We will provide you with a variety of stylish and comfortable sportswear.


Our thoroughut production process guarantees that your custom sportswear meets your exact specifications and our quality standards. Trust us to deliver high-quality sportswear that you’ll love to wear.

Sportswear manufacturer in pakistan


Our dedication to quality extends beyond production. Following the completion of bulk production, our dedicated quality control staff inspects each piece to guarantee it meets our high standards. Before your products are sent to our packaging department, any issues that arise are resolved immediately. 


Get ready to receive your unique fitness sportswear products right at your doorstep with our seamless packing and shipping service! With just the final payment for the balance and shipping left, your personalized sportswear will soon be enroute to you!


Sports uniform manufaturer


Design your dream team uniform. Free consultation with our experts!



What They Say

At the beginning, every trainee needs professional assistance from an experienced coach. At WooHoo they know exactly how to help you start doing your sport just right!

Brian Woods

Brian Woods

Business Coach

I am beyond excited to shop at this amazing store with such a great team of coaches and sports experts! Everything you need for a safe training and healthy lifestyle you can find here.

Natalie Jones

Natalie Jones

Sales Manager

I personally love working with people who are devoted to their passion for sports. they motivate me every day to become better, stronger and healthier. Thank you, WooHoo!

Andrew Morris

Andrew Morris

PR Manager


Strage Clothing proves to be the best Sports uniforms and clothing manufacturer. We provide high-quality sportswear/activewear manufacturing that can be customized according to your preferences. If you’re looking for high-quality custom fitness sportswear, you’ve found the right place.